Sunday, 25 March 2007

What is a glamorous job?

If you speak to someone in a Glamour Job they will probably tell you it isn’t glamorous at all, but maybe in some cases that might just be because they’ve been doing it too long and should perhaps move over and let someone else have a chance!

What we see as a Glamour Job is a job that has some sparkle about it, that makes you want to get up in the morning and go there rather than laying in bed and also a job that provokes enviable interest from other people when discussing it in social circles... Anyone who has ever sat next to an Accountant or Taxation Clerk at dinner will know what we mean there!!

The main thing to remember is that even Glamour Jobs have their down sides and it is important you are able to accept that. Glamorous or not, you will still be expected to work hard and earn your pay but if you have the added bonus of of doing something exciting and hopefully that you love.

Examples of Glamour Jobs are Fashion, TV, Radio, Travel, Airlines, Hospitality (in the right places), Sport and Fitness, Beauty, PR and even working as an Accountant... so long as it is on the Barrier Reef or on a Caribbean Island!!

Does anyone have any Glamour Job stories to share? Best jobs? Worse Jobs? Most Bizarre Jobs???

What was the worse dinner conversation job you've had to sit through??


Greg said...

Hi Val
Great to see the Glamour Job web blog on the air.
Best Regards
Greg Tingle
Media Man Australia said...

Thanks Greg... this is the start of something BIG!! Can't wait to see the postings we get.. both fun and serious!!

Val Haydon

sceneboy said...

hi!.. im a just go for it guy! i want to be a dj and ive been following that dream for years... i found that ministry of sound are doing a one day dj academy where you get to learn from some of the biggest players in the game. it was one of the best things i've done, and i got to play in the side room with eric morillo head-lineing.
you shoud check it out...
who says dreams cant be reached!